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OK, here comes the personal stuff…

Name:  Andrea Richardson               
Lives:  London
Hair: Brown (most of the time)
Eyes: Hazel
Marital Status: Single
Star Sign: Virgo


Hobbies: Singing, acting, music and reading. I am working hard on my music right now with lots of exciting opportunities with other musicians. I love singing and also karaoke.  Find out more about my vocal talents by visiting my MUSICAL EXPERIENCE page. And I love to have fun - just ask my mates! You’ll see me and my close friends regularly enjoying a noisy drink or 10 in my fave pub!

Other Interests: I do a lot of voluntary work with charities and visually impaired / disabled people. I make home visits and take people out on trips too. It is very rewarding.

Other Info: Well if you want know more about me you can just ask...want to know my favorite colour, worst food, pets, music, holidays...? I promise to answer you, but keep it clean!!


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